Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DW by Kanye West...

Kanye West debuted his new Fashion line DW. He did his show in Paris and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised, although seemingly reaching for a new designer to debut in Paris, and not L.A. or New York. His collection to me was well mastered and his pieces were edgy yet feminine. I included above my favorites from his 24 design show. While the Spring 2012 collection is not geared toward us "curvy" girls. I could see my skinny past self squeezing into a fit or two. For now the only thing in the collection I could fit is the shoes. I hear they make them in larger sizes since some models *ahem* tend to have longer feet. Paris Hilton wears a size 11 so there is still hope for a size 10 like me. Anyway I love the designs and the direction. I cannot wait to see what summer and fall 2012 has in store, I admire him for not slapping his name on some cheesy shoe or t-shirt line, or the back of some jeans, only to end up on some bargain discount rack like Apple Bottoms, & Baby Phat. This is the real deal, he studied this shit, he worked hard to learn the business, even interned with designers to come close to what is not perfect, but the start of perfection. He didn't take the easy road. Well done.

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